Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkins... Poo's... oh my!! 8 months ALREADY...

Fun filled weekend... 4 mile race, pumpkin patch visit and took 3 steps for Mada and Papi (while I was washing clothes - darn it!). I did try to get her to do it again for me but she only took about 2 steps but she is so... ready to walk!! I can't believe she is getting so... big and into everything! She is such a happy girl that loves making the funniest noises - grawling and blowing bubbles. So funny!! It has been two days straight that she has slept through the night... just hope she keeps it up!

TSU Homecoming this weekend... can't wait to dress her up like a little Poo!! Mom and I made her a poo costume and she also made her a AGD Legacy shirt to wear to the luncheon. Mom is bringing her up on Saturday morning for the parade, luncheon and game and than taking her back with her that night so we can stay the night for the Poo Reunion, it should be fun! I will miss my little girl but she loves her Mada and Papi so she will be in good hands! I just hope she doesn't do anymore new stuff without me!:(