Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving and Christmas is coming!!

Kicked things off on Wednesday with getting my hair done and seeing a movie with a great friend. We also took Emma to the omni to see "The Polar Express", she wasn't sure at first but quickly warmed up and watch the entire 1hr 45min movie. In keeping with my tradtion... I ran in the Turkey Trot 10K on Thanksgiving morning and than went to my parents house to "pig-out". We enjoyed a small and special day with everyone! Another tradition... we took Emma to the Parade of Light on Friday night and she loved it! We had Clint's families Thanksgiving on Satruday and that was nice, too! We put up the Christmas tree on Sunday and we took Emma to the omni to see "Santa vs Snowman". She loved it as well!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween Fun!!

E really enjoyed Halloween this year... except for the scary costumes. We started out with Trunk-or-Treating on Wednesday with Cole and she loves Cole but wasn't to fond of him when he put his dragon mask on. She keep saying, "Mean... Mean... Mean!" Cole was really sweet because he keep pulling his mask up to help remind her that it was only pretend.
That was the first of our many trick-or-treating events! My office also decided to have trick-or-treating in the office on Friday and a mini haunted house. It turned out great!! There were about 12 kids that came (pretty good for the first year).
Lastly, on Sunday "Halloween" we stopped by our neighbors to let them be the first house E hit but they weren't home but we practiced! After that we went by Tina & Dwayne's to let E show off her trick-or-treating skills (she was still a little shy). Then we went to my parents house for the neighborhood hayride and trick-or-treating, which she loved!! She couldn't really say, "Trick-or-Treat" but she sure was able to say, "Candy?" and "Thanks!" after the candy was deposited into her bucket. She is still asking for candy, yikes!!
We also got a great visit from the twins! They had so... much fun chasing each other around my parents yard!
As much fun as this was... I can't wait to see if she understands Christmas. She has become such a personality! With Clint still out of a job, they have gotten to bond more and I am so glad! I miss being with her but I am glad they are getting this time together, too!

Please still keep us in your prayers and hopefully something will come along soon! We are trying to stay positive and enjoy our family because that's what's important!

Friday, October 8, 2010


It's been a while since my last post because life has been pretty crazy!

Clint lost his job three weeks ago today so I have gone back to work full time until he finds something. He has been searching high and low but still no bits! Since I am back to work full time he is staying home with Emma two days "daddy day-care". He has definatly decided that being a stay at home daddy isn't for him! I think he is doing a great job and it is giving him and Emma more time together. He has taken her to doc apts, Little Gym and is doing great keeping her on schedule. I do miss being home with her LOTS but I have realized that this is for the best (right now). I am trying to stay positive... "when one door closes another door opens" but it's been SO hard!

Emma is getting so big! She has a BIG vocabulary and loves to dance and sing. Her favorite movies are Lion King and Finding Nemo. She is going to be "king" (that's what she calls a lion) for Halloween. She is going to be two soon and I think that's what her bday party theme will be too! She is growing and developing so well and hopefully after life gets back on track, we can give her a brother or sister. "Everything happens for a reason!"

Please just keep my family in your prayers!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Life has been busy... but I will try and catch you up!



Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Little Gym... and vacation count down!!

Emma had her first "bird" class at the Little Gym last Friday and she had a BLAST!! As soon as Clint got home from work she wanted to show him her forward roll and the same when Mada and Papi came over...

Her new favorite thing to do these days is color for hours...

This week, weekend and the first couple days of next week are going to be SUPER busy! This weekend I have my sister in laws Bach Party on Friday and Saturday we have a wedding in San Antonio and we leave for St. Lucia for my brothers wedding next week. So... we will not be stopping until next Wednesday but just hoping the 6 hour plan ride isnt as bad I think it is going to be. I can't wait to get away...

Friday, June 11, 2010

Zoo playdates and 1st day of Little Gym...

It has been a fun filled two days home with my baby girl. We went to the zoo yesterday with my friend Maria and her sweet little twins Ava and Mason. They had the BEST time! I had a great time seeing the kids interact and catching up with Maria.

Today was Emma's first class at The Little Gym (this is the same place she had her
1st bday at) and she had a BLAST! We are hoping to get a membership so she can go once or twice a week. It was so... cute her name was on the board with all the other kids names that were in the class. All the kids got little stamps are their hands but she cried because she wasn't ready to leave. So... glad she had a good time!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Weekend Fun and Our Baby is getting so... BIG!!

Swimming... Hot Pink Toes... and so much more!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sick Baby and SO... glad today is my Friday!

This week has been pretty long to say the least but I am sure it has allot to do with my baby being sick. It came on pretty fast... she was fine Monday (ate good, sleep good) but by the next day she had a temp and didn't want to eat. She has a moll er coming in and that is kinda what I was blaming the fever on. On Wednesday morning I took her to GG's as usual but before we left the house she still had a 102.4 temp so I thought best to call doc and get to the bottom of things. I felt terrible because she got down for a nap at 10:45 and I had to wake her up at 11:30 to get to 11:50 doc apt. She waited so patiently but the minute she saw the nurses (scrubs) and I lay ed her on the scale and she flipped out. It breaks my heart because she still remembers all the tummy stuff with the doctors and hospitals so she can't relax when she sees scrubs. Back on topic... her throat was red so they did a strep test (against her will). The in office test came back (-) so we are waiting for the other one on Friday. They put her on antibiotics and Motrin but we are still battling the high fevers. She is with her Mada today and seems to be doing OK. She has been sleeping since 11:30 and mom says that she has been really clingy all day (which is how she has been all week, too).
Here are a couple pictures Clint took last night...

Also, super excited that I got to catch up with my AGD lil sis Mary last night. It was even more special because it was her last night before she becomes a mommy. I took her the gifts that my mom and I made and she loved them!! We made her a hospital gown, hopital pillow case, onsie and burp clothes for Jackson and it ALL matched! I will attach a couple pictures but hopefully we will get some really pictures from Mary in a couple weeks. She will be a great mommy and I can't wait to meet her new little family!!

Busy weekened... Meredith graduates on Saturday morning and Rachel has a bridal shower that afternoon. This should be an interesting weekened. Best of all my aunt mimi, steve, garrrett, maddie, cole, austin and the new little guy connor are all in town. I cant wait to spend more time with them tomorrow and Sunday. Connors big heart surgery is next week so hopefully everything goes well with that, too! He is such a sweetie and so tiny! Love my family...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day and more...

Had a great Mother's Day weekend... church, lunch and lots of family time! I love spending time with my cute little family. We had a couple of milestones this week/weekend as well... Emma said the word "shoe" and "outside" clear as day! Seems a little early to be saying some of these words but she is all over it and she loves that everyone gets so... excited when she says them. Such a ham!!

Also, I have the most creative brother in the world. I found a picture of a sling bookshelf that I wanted for Emma's room so all he had to do is look at it and whip on up!

And... my parents als bought Emma her own chair for her room and she loves it!! It looks great in her room, too!

Help!! I really love this dress that Tori Spellings little girl Stella is wearing in this picture but can't find where it is sold. Anyone have any ideas?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

April Showers Bring May Flowers...

The beautiful weather has made for some fun nights and days at the Stuck House!! Emma loves to help daddy mow the lawn, pull the truck in the garage and playing in her new pool! She is such a joy in our lives...

Such a happy girl, we are so blessed!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bluebonnets make it all better...

We took some pictures in the bluebonnets the other weekend and it has taken me forever to share them but here goes...

Also, Emma has figured out how to sleep in her own bed through the night (never thought I would see the day). We are very pleased and she seems to be so... much happier. She seems to do great with the naps when she is at home or I am there but naps haven't been going as well at GG's and Mada's which normally makes for a long evening.

She is a busy girl (into everything) but is talking like crazy (most we don't understand) but other things such as cow (followed by MOOOOO) so funny! She says momma, dadda, gg, car, done and clint taught her to say "shucks" and it is so... funny, too! She is growing up so fast and learning so much! It is amazing how much she really understands. Such a sweet baby!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sleep Training Battle

So... This is hard to admitt but I am one of those parents that started things off wrong by letting my child sleep in my bed. She is a little over 14 months and I have hit my breaking point... I am not getting sleep and I don't think she is either.

Things started on Sunday and we tried to do things on our own but by Tuesday we were asking for outside help. Amy was a God send to our house!! She let us borrow the # Day Sleep Solution and bed time SEEMS to be getting easier at Day #5. After we have completed this journey I will post all of our night and hopefully it will help another family.

I will post more soon!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I sure hope this weekend gets better than this week...

On top of the sad shooting death of the 17 year old young man on Monday and than Wednesday one of my AGD soriety sisters was in a car accident that caused brain injuries that couldn't be corrected by surgery. She was in a coma as of yesterday and passed away this morning. Needless to say it has been a hard week. I didn't really know the two of these young people but I knew the boys sister from High School and the girl was an AGD at Tarleton. These two untimely deaths have hit extremely close to home and I would just like to pray for the families and friends at this difficult time.

Seeing that I am a mother now, I couldn't imagine losing a child. Many thoughts and prayers are with these mothers, fathers, siblings and etc. during these tragic deaths.

I hope tomorrow starts a new and better day... I am planning to take Emma to get her picture in the bluebonnets tomorrow. Mom got her a very cute dress from Target that should look great!
She had a hard night last night but I think she is cutting some more mollers (cried from about 3-5am). She was in so... much pain it just broke my heart! COME ON TEETH and come in so my baby doesn't have to hurt so bad!

I am super excited also because my aunt Mimi and Connor are in town for Meredith's prom so I get to see them tonight! Also, another plus finally getting my hair done Saturday (first time since Emma's birthday)and I NEED IT!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Scary, scary world we live in...

Since, I couldn't sleep last night and still having problems dealing with the events of yesterday...so I have decided to blog about it.

A 17 year old young man came home for lunch with his sister yesterday and after arriving they surprised some intruders in their home. The young man was shot in the head and is at the hospital in critical condition.

I didn't know him personally but I did know his sister and I had just reconnected with her a couple weeks ago. I would really like to extend my condolences to her and her family at this difficult time. I couldn't imagine what they are feeling...

I just can't understand WHY... things like this have to happen!! I may sound like a 3year old with saying WHY... WHY.. WHY?? but I have really been having a lot of problems with keeping my faith these days because of events like this. It seems that every time I turn around something BAD has happened to a Good person. I know bad things happen everywhere but with this tragedy being so close to home or that I have a daughter now I am just scared to death of EVERYTHING!! I couldn't imagine losing my child...

I have done a lot of praying and I guess that's all I can do at this point... give it to a higher power!! I may also need to start praying for myself to help me keep my faith.

Please say a prayer for this young man, his family and for all those that may be suffering through this lose or another.

All I can do is hope and pray that God watches over my family and all those around me... especially my little girl! Wow, how children can really put things into perspective. I can remember the days I thought I was invinsible...

Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter fun, first train ride, couples shower, wedding and Main Street Arts Festival...

Life as busy as usual... Emma had three Easter Egg Hunts in the last couple weeks and still isn't tired of collecting eggs either. We spent alot of time with family last weekend and more this weekend. We have my brothers couple shower tomorrow and a college friends wedding tomorrow night in Waco. I hope we have fun!

Emma is just growing so... fast and talking up a storm! I could have sworn she tried to say Cowboy the other day... our little girl is growing up so fast! She will be the flower girl in my brothers wedding in June and this is her little dress...