Friday, October 8, 2010


It's been a while since my last post because life has been pretty crazy!

Clint lost his job three weeks ago today so I have gone back to work full time until he finds something. He has been searching high and low but still no bits! Since I am back to work full time he is staying home with Emma two days "daddy day-care". He has definatly decided that being a stay at home daddy isn't for him! I think he is doing a great job and it is giving him and Emma more time together. He has taken her to doc apts, Little Gym and is doing great keeping her on schedule. I do miss being home with her LOTS but I have realized that this is for the best (right now). I am trying to stay positive... "when one door closes another door opens" but it's been SO hard!

Emma is getting so big! She has a BIG vocabulary and loves to dance and sing. Her favorite movies are Lion King and Finding Nemo. She is going to be "king" (that's what she calls a lion) for Halloween. She is going to be two soon and I think that's what her bday party theme will be too! She is growing and developing so well and hopefully after life gets back on track, we can give her a brother or sister. "Everything happens for a reason!"

Please just keep my family in your prayers!