Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving and Christmas is coming!!

Kicked things off on Wednesday with getting my hair done and seeing a movie with a great friend. We also took Emma to the omni to see "The Polar Express", she wasn't sure at first but quickly warmed up and watch the entire 1hr 45min movie. In keeping with my tradtion... I ran in the Turkey Trot 10K on Thanksgiving morning and than went to my parents house to "pig-out". We enjoyed a small and special day with everyone! Another tradition... we took Emma to the Parade of Light on Friday night and she loved it! We had Clint's families Thanksgiving on Satruday and that was nice, too! We put up the Christmas tree on Sunday and we took Emma to the omni to see "Santa vs Snowman". She loved it as well!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween Fun!!

E really enjoyed Halloween this year... except for the scary costumes. We started out with Trunk-or-Treating on Wednesday with Cole and she loves Cole but wasn't to fond of him when he put his dragon mask on. She keep saying, "Mean... Mean... Mean!" Cole was really sweet because he keep pulling his mask up to help remind her that it was only pretend.
That was the first of our many trick-or-treating events! My office also decided to have trick-or-treating in the office on Friday and a mini haunted house. It turned out great!! There were about 12 kids that came (pretty good for the first year).
Lastly, on Sunday "Halloween" we stopped by our neighbors to let them be the first house E hit but they weren't home but we practiced! After that we went by Tina & Dwayne's to let E show off her trick-or-treating skills (she was still a little shy). Then we went to my parents house for the neighborhood hayride and trick-or-treating, which she loved!! She couldn't really say, "Trick-or-Treat" but she sure was able to say, "Candy?" and "Thanks!" after the candy was deposited into her bucket. She is still asking for candy, yikes!!
We also got a great visit from the twins! They had so... much fun chasing each other around my parents yard!
As much fun as this was... I can't wait to see if she understands Christmas. She has become such a personality! With Clint still out of a job, they have gotten to bond more and I am so glad! I miss being with her but I am glad they are getting this time together, too!

Please still keep us in your prayers and hopefully something will come along soon! We are trying to stay positive and enjoy our family because that's what's important!