Saturday, August 4, 2012

never a dull moment...

so after traveling back to houston and clint making it home for ONE night... we had a long night... i wasn't feeling good when he got home but we ran to get something to eat, and i couldn't eat anything (which seemed to be very common these days) because i felt so nauseated and contractions. after getting home, bathing, reading and putting emma to bed, i seemed to be feeling worse. finally about 10 i texted my mom to come over while we went to get me checkout out at the ER. we got there and it seemed like forever... hooked me up to monitors, they checked me, took urian sample, called my doctor and gave me some meds for the nausea and also started some fluids. finally about 2:30 AM she rechecked me and i hadn't changed since we got there and nausea seemed to have stopped and so did the contractions. it really seems that i brought all this on myself with traveling to houston, running around and not drinking enough water and the stress of not telling my doctor about leaving town, too. i plan to take it easy and stay out of this heat! i also realized last night... i am ready for him to be here but not sure if i am ready for labor, just yet! :) clint left this afternoon for finally job until little man arrives (he's planning to just drive FAST when it is really time, just praying that baby doesn't come really fast but leaving it in Gods hands and not gonna keep stressing myself about it... prayers for healthy mama and baby!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

37 weeks and what was i thinking!

so... after a handful of stuff on Tuesday (including Emma's dentist, pediatrician, lunch with my running friends and my weekly doctors apt). Emma wasn't too excited about the dentist but we made it through her first cleaning and a quick visit to the pediatrician. Emma stayed with my grandmother while I went to my doctors apt but before I went I already had our bags packet and ready to leave for Houston to see Clint at training. I really wasn't expecting to hear what my doctors said... she checked me and said well your 50% effaced and 1-2 cm dilated. oh wow... didn't expect that! I wasn't sure what I was thinking at this point but that I wanted to see Clint! So I didn't tell my doctor that I was planning to go to Houston either (oops). I left the apt went home and loaded the truck, picked Emma up and got on the road. It was a pretty good drive... Emma sleep the entire way and we got there right in time for dinner with Clint but didn't have much of a appetite.:) If you know anything about me, you would know that I am a "so by the book kind of gal" so for me this was a big deal! so needless to say I didn't sleep good Tuesday night but nice to wake up next to my hubby for once! he had class so emma and i went to visit with my friend maria and her twins (ava and mason). after my adventure in getting lost in houston we finally found their house and it was so worth it to see the kids light up to see each other! we went to a play-date at a place similar to the little gym and they had a blast! after that we went to McDonald's to finish letting the kids play (out of the heat!) after that the kids were hungry so we went to a mexican food restaurant and emma was so hungry she ate almost all of her chicken and some fries (never happens!) she said she was tired on the way to eat so i thought we would head back to the hotel but she really wanted to go back to their house to play. i decided we are not in houston often so we would go play some more. they played inside/outside and maria and I were able to chat and catch up too! finally clint texted and said he was about done with class so we headed to the hotel. we went to dinner but i was so tired from the day i could have just gone to bed. went to dinner and still didn't have much of a appetite and back to hotel for some olympic watching. we all got to sleep but i was up at 4 with some contractions and back pain and really questioning my choice to come to houston and not tell my doctor. so by 6:45 i told clint we were going to drive home because i was stressed and my body wasn't feeling right... the drive wasn't too bad but now working on a nap with Emma (good luck!) still have some contractions but not as frequent. i am just praying he say in till tomorrow night because clint will be home! until next time...

Monday, July 23, 2012

36 weeks...

I had my doctors apt this morning but I am technically 35 weeks 4 days (36 weeks on Thursday) but measuring well into 36 + weeks. Eerything looks good (blood pressure, urine and weight) but I have been having alot of pelvic pressure so she checked me again (so not fun!) She said... "no head hanging out!" That's good! She said my cervics was starting to soften but no dilation at this point and we would check again next week. She also checked me for group B strep and sent me for blood work. I have another apt next week Tuesday, July 31st and I am really hoping for no progress because Emma and I are planning to meet Clint in Houston for a couple days because he has a training there. Also, we want to try and see my friend Maria and her twins (Ava and Mason) and my BFF Tiff, Adam and Lawson. I know it sounds crazy to head to Houston when I'm almost 37 weeks but my biggest fear has been Clint missing the birth and this way I figure if I go into labor in Houston (A) we are next door to a great hospital in the Woodlands and (B) he will be with me! My doctor may not like the idea but I want to see my husband EVERY chance I get and I am only gonna be 3 1/2 hours away so I could very well be back too! I am still going to pack the carseat and hospital bags (just in case!) Also, this is my last week at work and the first in a long time that I have worked 40 hours (because both the girls that are replacing me are both out of town this week). I am working Monday-Friday with lots of lunch apt so it should make the week go by fast (I hope!) and Clint should be home Wednesday night for dinner (that is if nothing goes wrong :( He will get to be home till Sunday and leave for training in Houston and that is where we hope to meet up with him that Wednesday night. I am REALLY ready to meet this little man and not be pregnant any longer because of this terrible pelvic pain I have been having and it seems to get worse when my doctor checks me, BOO! Not much longer and it would be super exciting if he came on Clint's bday the 16th (if not sooner). After this week maybe it won't be so hard to get out of bed because at this point I am so tired and unconfortable that I am ready to be done! I have been trying to take my mind off things by finishing Lane's room with the super cute letters my friend Adrianne made and ALL the amazing gifts we got at my work shower and family/friend shower. WE are set! Emma has been a challenge the past couple weeks but I really hoping it is just because of the age, knowing something is fixing to change her world and missing her daddy. I have had a couple meltdowns but yesterday was one of my hardest days but thanks to my mom for recognizing it because she took Emma to swim while I had a private melt down at home, collected myself, called Clint and then went with my friend Maria to lunch and a little retail therapy! It was nice to have grown up conversation and really just someone to listen to me and let me know I am not crazy or alone. "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger" and "God doesn't give us more than we can handle" (sometimes its close:) I know this is just a season so I need to remember that...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

34 - 35 weeks and OH so busy!

This has been a busy week... Monday~ my aunt and cousins came in from Virginia, Tuesday~ had a growth sonogram, doctors apt, a great baby shower at work!Friday~ winery and dinner with mom, Barabara and Mimi, Saturday~ finished thank you gifts up for my shower, Dinner at Fireside Pies and Magic Mike! (good news it was good but bad news it didn't send me into labor :( SUNDAY~ Lane's Family/Friend Baby Shower, it was amazing!! We are so blessed with some extremely generious people in our lives! Also, my hostess did a GREAT job on everything! We went to the lake house with family after the shower. Monday~ wasn't feeling so great so rode back into town with my mom so that we could start going through all the wonderful gifts from the shower. We made a couple returns of duplicate gifts and went home to start washing this little man's clothes (he got a LOT!) We also went over to my grandmother's to visit with aunt and cousins because they are leaving on Wednesday :( after a little visit we headed home and made a quick dinner, Skyped with Clint, bath, books and bed for Emma. I stayed up entriely too late making cookies for a work bake sale and washing Lane's new whardrobe! I need to start going to bed sooner but I keep telling myself that and it doesn't evern happen! Nothing too exciting today... just tried and ready to go home and take a nap. Should be a pretty easy week and weekend. only plans we have are Friday... play date at the house with Maria and the twins (Ava and Mason) and wedding reception on Saturday. I am really hoping that Clint gets a day or so break to come home soon because I miss him terribly and so does Emma. I have gotten everything pretty much ready for Lane but know for the waiting... this is the part I am not so good at! Next doctors apt is next Monday and my last day at work is next Friday :(. I am happy to not have to get up and go to work but I will really miss these people since I have seen them for the past 5 1/2 years. New chapter is really about to start! Until next time... These are the hostess from my shower (more pictures to follow)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dixie Stampede, Branson, MO, Happy 4th of July (yesterday) 33 weeks today!!

It's been a busy couple of weeks... Clint came home last Friday (YEA!!) from a long 5 hour drive from Midland in just enough time to get a shower and jump back in the car for another 8 hour drive to MO (but we ended up stoppping in Texarkana for the night because he was tired, I was pregnancy hurting and Emma couldn't get comfy to sleep in the car). Last week we spent Friday to Wednesday in Branson, MO/Table Rock Lake with my family (mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law and grandma). It was a beautiful lake but not the best place for an almost 9 month pregnant mama! I wouldn't have made the trip if it weren't for the pure joy of a three year old wanting to see the Dixie Stampede! It was so worth it! She had so much fun and we even went back two other times to just look at all the horses in the stables so she could remind us of their names and breeds. This little girl LOVES horses!! The lake was also nice but between mine and Emma's fair skin we didn't stay out on it very long plus she seems to fall asleep every time we go for a ride on the boat. Ha! We also went to a Berry Farm down the road from our cabins and it was lots of fun to let Emma pick her own Blackberries and eat them but it was sure HOT! The trip home was much better and we all went to my doctors apt on Thursday morning. It was the first apt Clint has gotten to come to so they got to hear Lane's little heart beat and the doctor confirmed he is still ahead of schedule. Only issue is that I am having some pretty significant contracts so they had to do a not so comfortable test to make sure I wasn't at risk for going into labor in the next few weeks (it came back negative but they will still have to do the test everytime to keep a handle on it). I am excited for my next apt next Tuesday because we will have another sonogram and it is the same day as my baby shower at work. It has been pretty sad to think that at the end of this month I won't be working with this family of people that I have grown to love over the past 5 1/2 years. I know I will come visit LOTS but also crazy that my new job will be FULL TIME MOMMY :) I am excited and scared all at the same time. Also, some of my super sweet friends have offered to give me a small shower on the following Sunday so after that we should be all set for little Lane's arrival! I can't wait to see his little face and just enjoy my babies!! We had a wedding on Saturday for a family friend and I actually had a date because Clint didn't go back to work till Sunday (so nice)! We all looked so fancy too! The 4th was nice but HOT and I have decided ALL outdoor activites aren't the best idea for me at this point (swelling toes and fingers:( I was misrable and not the best company! Emma had a great time... riding her stick horse Flicka everywhere and that little girl can make any situation enjoyable! Love her... and so glad tomorrow starts are weekend together and only three more weeks of work until I can just stay home when she says..."mommy I don't want you to go to work today!" It has been so hard on all of us with Clint working away so much but she truly is a blessing that makes me crazy in the same breath she makes me smile in! "Live everyday as if it were your last!"

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

29 weeks 5 day doctors apt or more like...

I had my doctors apt and growth sonogram on Monday. Much to my surprise the sonogram lady did my testing several times because our little man or should I say (BIG guy) is suppose to be 29 weeks 5 days but it showing to be 2 weeks ahead at 31 weeks 5 days. After seeing my doctor and they measured my tummy, it was confirmed! We have a BIG boy on our hands! :) My doctor even went back and looked at all my sonograms (all normal), and blood test (glucose and thyroid) all those came back perfect! So my doctor said it looks like we are dealing with a case of "genetics" - meaning Clint was a big baby so looks like this one will be too! The original due date was 8/23 but might look more like 8/10 (WOW!! That is only like 8-9 weeks away...) I am fine with that but I want him to be healthy and all I feel like I do these days is stress about him. He kicks plenty and squirms tons so I shouldn't worry so much because its not good for him or me. The doctor said everything else looks great but gonna have to keep a close eye on his size the next couple weeks. Since, this is the first time he has looked big, maybe he just had a growth spurt but the only problem with that is they tend to start picking up weight faster at this point. Lets just hope that is not the case and he just levels out. Father's Day weekend looks like we wont get to see Clint either because he isnt due back until the following week because we are taking a family trip to Table Rock Lake (near Bransom, MO). With doctors orders it looks like we wont be staying the entire week, it will be more like Saturday to Tuesday/Wednesday because I have to be back for a doctors apt on Thursday. We are excited about the trip because we got tickets to the Dixie Stampede is LOVES trick riding and its like 2 hours of just that). She will be in heaven!! That's part of the reason I told my doctor I HAD to go!! It should be a nice trip because we will all be together and that is a blessing in itself! Swim lessons is going great for Emma!! She hated it the first day but after mommy gave her a "peep talk" and a swimming Barbie (yes a brib!) It worked and now she LOVES it!! This is the second week and we may sign up for another session for next month. Next month will be a busy month with Sibling Class at the hospital for Emma and I, shower at work and a family/friend shower that my dear friends Lisa, Brit and Kenz have offered to do! Also, my LAST day of work will be on the 27th (if Lane doesn't make any earlier arrivals). This is when I will start my new career as a "stay at home mommy". I can't express how excited and scared I am but so greatful for my husband and his career to be able to have this time with my children. Emma will be in school Mon/Wed/Fri from 9-12, along with Zoo School and Museum school twice a week. It seems that she is becoming so independant and so crazy to think school is just around the corner! I feel so blessed with all the amazing family and friends in my life because without them I don't think we could have done it! My mom and grandmother have been so great with keeping Emma since she was 8 weeks old to now and my friends may not live close (CA, Houston, Granbury, Mineral Wells and Stephenville) but have the biggest spirits that travel my way often and make me feel important. Life is hard but God puts amazing people in our lives so that it seems barable! Until next time...

Thursday, May 31, 2012

28 weeks...

I can't believe I am already starting my third (final) trimester! This little man has really been kicking and squirming like crazy... Clint even said the other day, "what is he doing, trying to get out already?" It sure does feel like it sometimes, especially at night (so not getting much sleep). Other than that my last apt was May 15th. At that time I took the glucose screeing - it came back perfect!! We had another growth sonogram done and Lane Cash is still ALL boy and not shy about it! :)I go back on June 12th (30 week apt) and that is the start of going every two weeks. It still seems so crazy that I will have two children... I still have days I look at Emma and say, "I am really responsible for you!?!?" Such a blessing to have such a bright, loving and healthy little girl and she is so egar to see her little brother! Still trying not to stress about delivery day... if Clint will get here in time from a job or if he will be late and make it easier but life just happens when it happens so I will just pray that God make it happen the way it is suppose to happen! Clint has been home a week and I have loved EVERY second of it! We have planted shrubs and flowers and our home is looking so great! I am pretty proud of our hard work! We don't have a fancy or big house but its our house and we have LOVE it! We have also take Emma to the stockyards to see a Wild West Rodeo (it hard trick riding and she loves that) but show wasn't all that great but she was just happy to see horsey's. We also celebrated my grandmothers 72nd birthday and we made her the cutiest flower pot and (easy). She is a wonderful lady that has been a BIG part of my life and Emma's and I am so greatful for that! Little Cowgirl... New potted flowers infront of our house... Grandma's flower pot and Our Beautiful Yard Work!
I am getting my mother's day gift tomorrow... maternity massage and pedicure (SO EXCITED!!) Also, making a Texas Tech cake for a graduation party (another paid gig!! I'll post pictures later). Emma starts swim lesson next week and I can't wait because the water stresses me out (which is strange because I was a lifeguard and taught swim lessons). Can't wait to see how she does! She is very brave so I hope she listens and catches on quick! On Sunday she took her life jacket off and desided to sit on the ledge of the pool... no biggie because I was only about 5 foot away but Clint was on the other side of the pool (in the water). Normally she just sits and waits but this time she just jumped off the edge and thank goodness I was so close and saw that "NO FEAR" look in her eyes so I was only about 2 seconds behind her. I pulled her out and she had a pretty SURPRISED look on her face but good thing was we had been practicing keep her mouth closed in the water so thats the only reason she didn't come up chocking up water. BUT this mama's heart was about to pop out of my chest! I even had a bad dream about it that night. I know what my parents were always talking about now... "See ALL these grey hairs, they are from you!" THIS IS SO... THE TRUTH! Blessed in so many ways!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

22 weeks

so i had my 22 week doctors apt this morning. i went in for a sonogram (which was suppost to be the gender determination but since we did it a few weeks ago, it was no surprise. He's still a boy!!) also, he is ahead of schedule and looks great! after getting to see my little man, i met with my doctor. blood pressure, urine and weight all looked good but she was concerned when looking at my sonograms that my placenta is sitting pretty low and semi covering my cervix. she said its nothing to be alarmed about just YET but would recheck at my next apt. it is a form of placenta previa this pretty much stresses me out!! the words bedrest, c-section and hemorrhaging really makes me scared!! 4 weeks can't come fast enough because i hope and pray it corrects its self! if anyone has any encouraging words, i would greatly appreciate them! i just want myself and baby to healthy! clint returned to work so back to being mommy and daddy! i sure hope with his masters that he can land in a position that gets us all in the same place (even if we have to more, we will be together!) being pregnant and without my husband has really been hard and even harder trying to be strong for a 3 year old. i can't imagine how mothers/wives do it when there husband is gone to war for months at a time. i am counting my blessings and trying to let pray push me through this difficult time. its funny how when clint lost his job for close to 7 months, it seemed like one of the hardest challanges but know that he has a successful job but gone alot it is a new kind of hard. life is always changing and new things are always being delt to us. i heard a quote last night on "Bethany Ever After" by the Self Magazine editor in cheif and it really stuck with me. she said "the true test of our characters are not how we are on our BEST days its how we are on our WORST days!" prayer goes a long way.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's official!!

First... Clint got to come home on Thursday and I couldn't be happier!! I also didn't tell Emma he was coming home because I didn't want anything to happen and her be disappointed so Clint drove straight in and meet us at dinner. She was in the worst mood but the minute she layed eyes on her daddy she was the happiest girl in the world!!

Other great news is that we got to get in for a sonogram on Friday morning and pleased to announce we are having a BOY!!

We took Emma to the Stockyards, BBQ with family on Friday, went to Clint's family on Saturday night and we also got to keep my BFF Kristy's 10day old babu for the evening while they went to a wedding. He was perfect and can't wait to meet my little man! Easter was great except for Emma's allergies making her grouchy but she was just happy to be in her daddy's arms (and me too! :)

It was just a great weekend and I am so blessed to have been with ALL of my family!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

20 week (1/2 way there!!)

Tomorrow I will be 20 weeks pregnant and feeling every bit of it! I am hurting everywhere and wishing my husband was home to make life a little easier (with chasing a 3 year old around). She is so busy and not much into taking naps these days EXCEPT for yesterday!! She woke up extra early, went to school, after school she talked her GG into taking her to the Cowgirl Museum (which is her new favorite place) but first they grabbed lunch. The weather wasn't looking so good so I check-in on them and as I knew they would be running around town! After the museum they proceeded to Braum's for some pink ice cream and on the way home 5:30pm she finally fail asleep. I met them at GG's and transfered her to my car and she hardly moved so instead of going to my parents for dinner I decided to go ahead and take her home. At that point I just took her from the car to bed and she sleep ALL night to 7am the next morning. This poor baby was SO tired!! In turn I had a bowl of ceral (Honey Nut Cherrios, my favorite) and called it a night at around 6:30pm, but I layed in bed till about 8:30pm and finally turned off the tv and lights. With all that sleep... I am still so tired today! I need a little pick me up to a make it the evening at my Woman's Club Meeting... sure hope I can stay awake!

Back to the fact that I am 20 weeks pregnant... I have had my emotional and hormonal melt downs (poor Clint). I am so ready for him to be home and since I am 20 weeks now my doctor will do the gender determination now but I have to wait until Clint can finally get home from work (boo!!) My apt is set for the 17th but looks like I might have to change it because he doesn't think the job will be finished (ugh :( but I am sure I'll live!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Counting my blessings...

Clint has been home for a little over a week and we have gone to the zoo, Stephenville, Sulphur Springs for the weekend and M even got to go horseback riding yesterday with daddy. She had so much fun!! We were expecting him to get the call but it is looking like we might get to keep him into the weekend, YEA!! I would REALLY love it if he didn't leave till Monday or Tuesday afternoon because my doctors apt is Monday morning (it would be his first apt to attend). With that said I'll be 17 weeks tomorrow and really wish I could talk my doctor into doing the sonogram Monday so we can find out if it's a boy or a girl! Oh well, if not we will just have to wait till the next apt in April (and Clint will be home for our goddaughters baptism too).
I'm starting to feel better, thanks goodness!! I am showing more now so M loves kissing and talking to my tummy or as she says, "my baby brother named PooPoo!" She is pretty funny! I can't believe she is already 3, where has the time gone! tear :( I am so excited that come August, I will be a stay at home mommy with my two babies! It's crazy how things workout and I count my blessings everyday!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

BIG News comes with a BIG birthday (30th)!!

Our family is growing by TWO FEET!!!
Baby Stuck expected August 2012
We made this announcement at my 30th birthday party that my wonderful husband, mother and bff Joy and Amy hosted for me! It was a BLAST and got see so many of my favorite people! I am so blessed with all these people in life!!

Pregnancy... 11 weeks today and still not feeling so well. Sick in the morning and late at night. Also, my heart rate has been out of control and been getting sick on my long runs so my running is having to take a back seat for a while, which is ok to keep baby and myself safe (there are still plenty of things I can do to keep myself in shape). It has been great that Clint has been home a week tomorrow but looking like he will be leaving this weekend sometime so I am going to enjoy him while he is home! Next doctors apt February 20th so I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

FW Stock Show/The Big 30 and MORE!!

Emma has been at the Stock Show almost everyday since its come to town. I feel a pony named Marshmallow in our near future!!

I am very excited about this weekend because my wonderful husband and mom have planned a 30th birthday party for me. I am so excited because its a party that I didn't have to plan (the best kind!) ALL BESTIES will be here... Joy from CA and Tiff from Houston but Kristy will be at a romantic weekend with her hubby (one last vacation before her #2 arrives, so I'm excited for her and her preggo massage!)

Best present is that Clint will be home tomorrow and hopefully till Emma's bday too (Feb. 6th)!! I have missed him so much this time around but I think its because the last time I saw him was over 23 days ago (almost a month). I am so ready for our family to be home together more... but we will make it work until that time comes. Counting down the minutes!!! :)

The MORE is soon to come... :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hello Stranger.... Happy New Year!

It has been a very long time since I've posted because life has been so... busy!!
Let's start it off right... HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I sure hope we have some "HAPPY" instore for this NEW year because 2011 was a hard one!
Clint is working out of town for weeks on end with his new job (which is hard but a blessing that he has a job!)
Emma is growing up so fast, its scary!! She is adjusting to school and loving her teachers and friends at Reading Friends. I can't believe she will be 3 in a month! She is so bright and can't believe she was just a baby, seems like yesterday!

Christmas was in Angel Fire, NM this year and it was a BLAST! Best part Clint made it home so we could leave a day early and spend some family time alone. It was an Adventure but we made it! Emma learned how to ski and loved every second of it! She loved to play in the snow - making snow angels and making snow balls to throw at us! Dad and Clint cut down a tree (SHHH...) and mom, Rachel and I strange popcorn and cranberries on string and Emma made homemade clay ornanments that she painted and hung on the tree. It was our own little "Smokey Mountain Christmas" (old Dolly Pardon movie that I grew up watching. I even cooked Clint's favorite meal of the year "Grandma Stuck's Christmas Dinner" - Prime Rib Roast, Glazed Carrots, Green Beans, Homemade mashed potatoes, shrimp cocktail, rolls and I added homemade cranberry sauce that ROCKED!! I also found a little bakery that made an amazing Carmel Pecan Pie and is was GREAT!

Bad end to the year was... Cowboy our 13 year old black lab (our first baby)wasn't eating very well when we left to go out of town but our awesome neighbors keep a close eye on him. When we arrived home he was not looking good. We played outside with Emma and her new Barbie Jeep and normally he is all in the middle of it but I sat with him and he was just so weak. He wouldn't even eat his favorite milk bones, so I knew something was up. Later that night Clint checked on him and he was throwing up blood and early the next morning I checked on him and he wouldn't even get out of his dog house. As hard as it was/is I decided to make the choice to call the vet and schdule to take him IN. This was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do but I didn't want him to suffer/hurt. I think deep down I always thought it would happen "naturally" but that is life. Thank God Clint was still home so my mom meet us up at the vet and took Emma and she was having a hard time but when we look him inside she XOXO him and told him, "have fun in heaven Bubba!" :( she loved her Bubba so much and I just hope her heart heals quickly! I was at peace with our choice when we started to walk in the vet (which normally is a struggle because Cowboy never like the vets office) but he was calm and relaxed and I feel was ready (unlike us). We sat in a "comfort room" and I layed on the pallet on the floor with him and Dr. Bearden came in and explained what would happen but didnt make it any easier. It was quick and he looked peaceful... no more pain or cancer where he is now! "ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN!"

Emma still stops at the gate in the morning and says, "Buy Bubba, love you!" I have to still explain but I think she understands more everyday. Prayers for our family appreciated!

Let the GOODNEWS of the NEW YEAR begin!

(I will post pictures soon...)