Sunday, January 18, 2009

Start of 38 weeks...

I went to the doctor on Friday and still no progress. I am having some swelling and my blood pressure was a little high but nothing to worry about, yet. I go back to the doctor on Wednesday so lets pray that some progress will soon begin. We can't wait to meet this little girl!!

I am planning on working on Emma's room today... hanging the letters from some ribbon and making a board with material/ribbon so we can use it to put pictures or bows on it. Also, going to do some cleaning and washing clothes to keep things some what caught up for the week ahead. My brothers b-day is today so we are doing a late lunch to celebrate. Happy Birthday Uncle Bo!!

Nothing too... exciting here, just playing the waiting game. Please do a little prayer that everything will soon start progressing and everyone will be healthy.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

36 weeks and counting...

we have a doctors apt tomorrow at 9:50am so we should know if i am progressing or if we are just standing still. she will check to see if i am dialating or dropping. i am sure hopeing that something... will have changed.

another busy weekend... company winter party on saturday from 5-9pm, clean out extra bedroom and closet, finally take christmas deco down at home and make room in the kitchen cabinets for baby stuff. i just feel like my house is not clean enough to bring this precious baby home to. so... those are my big plans for the weekend and then we start the week all over again. note: there is a full moon on sunday the 11th so maybe we can have baby then but it will need to be late on the 11th so i can get all my stuff done :) if only it worked that way!

mom has finished more of the bedding and it looks great!!