Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bluebonnets make it all better...

We took some pictures in the bluebonnets the other weekend and it has taken me forever to share them but here goes...

Also, Emma has figured out how to sleep in her own bed through the night (never thought I would see the day). We are very pleased and she seems to be so... much happier. She seems to do great with the naps when she is at home or I am there but naps haven't been going as well at GG's and Mada's which normally makes for a long evening.

She is a busy girl (into everything) but is talking like crazy (most we don't understand) but other things such as cow (followed by MOOOOO) so funny! She says momma, dadda, gg, car, done and clint taught her to say "shucks" and it is so... funny, too! She is growing up so fast and learning so much! It is amazing how much she really understands. Such a sweet baby!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sleep Training Battle

So... This is hard to admitt but I am one of those parents that started things off wrong by letting my child sleep in my bed. She is a little over 14 months and I have hit my breaking point... I am not getting sleep and I don't think she is either.

Things started on Sunday and we tried to do things on our own but by Tuesday we were asking for outside help. Amy was a God send to our house!! She let us borrow the # Day Sleep Solution and bed time SEEMS to be getting easier at Day #5. After we have completed this journey I will post all of our night and hopefully it will help another family.

I will post more soon!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I sure hope this weekend gets better than this week...

On top of the sad shooting death of the 17 year old young man on Monday and than Wednesday one of my AGD soriety sisters was in a car accident that caused brain injuries that couldn't be corrected by surgery. She was in a coma as of yesterday and passed away this morning. Needless to say it has been a hard week. I didn't really know the two of these young people but I knew the boys sister from High School and the girl was an AGD at Tarleton. These two untimely deaths have hit extremely close to home and I would just like to pray for the families and friends at this difficult time.

Seeing that I am a mother now, I couldn't imagine losing a child. Many thoughts and prayers are with these mothers, fathers, siblings and etc. during these tragic deaths.

I hope tomorrow starts a new and better day... I am planning to take Emma to get her picture in the bluebonnets tomorrow. Mom got her a very cute dress from Target that should look great!
She had a hard night last night but I think she is cutting some more mollers (cried from about 3-5am). She was in so... much pain it just broke my heart! COME ON TEETH and come in so my baby doesn't have to hurt so bad!

I am super excited also because my aunt Mimi and Connor are in town for Meredith's prom so I get to see them tonight! Also, another plus finally getting my hair done Saturday (first time since Emma's birthday)and I NEED IT!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Scary, scary world we live in...

Since, I couldn't sleep last night and still having problems dealing with the events of I have decided to blog about it.

A 17 year old young man came home for lunch with his sister yesterday and after arriving they surprised some intruders in their home. The young man was shot in the head and is at the hospital in critical condition.

I didn't know him personally but I did know his sister and I had just reconnected with her a couple weeks ago. I would really like to extend my condolences to her and her family at this difficult time. I couldn't imagine what they are feeling...

I just can't understand WHY... things like this have to happen!! I may sound like a 3year old with saying WHY... WHY.. WHY?? but I have really been having a lot of problems with keeping my faith these days because of events like this. It seems that every time I turn around something BAD has happened to a Good person. I know bad things happen everywhere but with this tragedy being so close to home or that I have a daughter now I am just scared to death of EVERYTHING!! I couldn't imagine losing my child...

I have done a lot of praying and I guess that's all I can do at this point... give it to a higher power!! I may also need to start praying for myself to help me keep my faith.

Please say a prayer for this young man, his family and for all those that may be suffering through this lose or another.

All I can do is hope and pray that God watches over my family and all those around me... especially my little girl! Wow, how children can really put things into perspective. I can remember the days I thought I was invinsible...

Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter fun, first train ride, couples shower, wedding and Main Street Arts Festival...

Life as busy as usual... Emma had three Easter Egg Hunts in the last couple weeks and still isn't tired of collecting eggs either. We spent alot of time with family last weekend and more this weekend. We have my brothers couple shower tomorrow and a college friends wedding tomorrow night in Waco. I hope we have fun!

Emma is just growing so... fast and talking up a storm! I could have sworn she tried to say Cowboy the other day... our little girl is growing up so fast! She will be the flower girl in my brothers wedding in June and this is her little dress...