Thursday, May 31, 2012

28 weeks...

I can't believe I am already starting my third (final) trimester! This little man has really been kicking and squirming like crazy... Clint even said the other day, "what is he doing, trying to get out already?" It sure does feel like it sometimes, especially at night (so not getting much sleep). Other than that my last apt was May 15th. At that time I took the glucose screeing - it came back perfect!! We had another growth sonogram done and Lane Cash is still ALL boy and not shy about it! :)I go back on June 12th (30 week apt) and that is the start of going every two weeks. It still seems so crazy that I will have two children... I still have days I look at Emma and say, "I am really responsible for you!?!?" Such a blessing to have such a bright, loving and healthy little girl and she is so egar to see her little brother! Still trying not to stress about delivery day... if Clint will get here in time from a job or if he will be late and make it easier but life just happens when it happens so I will just pray that God make it happen the way it is suppose to happen! Clint has been home a week and I have loved EVERY second of it! We have planted shrubs and flowers and our home is looking so great! I am pretty proud of our hard work! We don't have a fancy or big house but its our house and we have LOVE it! We have also take Emma to the stockyards to see a Wild West Rodeo (it hard trick riding and she loves that) but show wasn't all that great but she was just happy to see horsey's. We also celebrated my grandmothers 72nd birthday and we made her the cutiest flower pot and (easy). She is a wonderful lady that has been a BIG part of my life and Emma's and I am so greatful for that! Little Cowgirl... New potted flowers infront of our house... Grandma's flower pot and Our Beautiful Yard Work!
I am getting my mother's day gift tomorrow... maternity massage and pedicure (SO EXCITED!!) Also, making a Texas Tech cake for a graduation party (another paid gig!! I'll post pictures later). Emma starts swim lesson next week and I can't wait because the water stresses me out (which is strange because I was a lifeguard and taught swim lessons). Can't wait to see how she does! She is very brave so I hope she listens and catches on quick! On Sunday she took her life jacket off and desided to sit on the ledge of the pool... no biggie because I was only about 5 foot away but Clint was on the other side of the pool (in the water). Normally she just sits and waits but this time she just jumped off the edge and thank goodness I was so close and saw that "NO FEAR" look in her eyes so I was only about 2 seconds behind her. I pulled her out and she had a pretty SURPRISED look on her face but good thing was we had been practicing keep her mouth closed in the water so thats the only reason she didn't come up chocking up water. BUT this mama's heart was about to pop out of my chest! I even had a bad dream about it that night. I know what my parents were always talking about now... "See ALL these grey hairs, they are from you!" THIS IS SO... THE TRUTH! Blessed in so many ways!