Tuesday, April 17, 2012

22 weeks

so i had my 22 week doctors apt this morning. i went in for a sonogram (which was suppost to be the gender determination but since we did it a few weeks ago, it was no surprise. He's still a boy!!) also, he is ahead of schedule and looks great! after getting to see my little man, i met with my doctor. blood pressure, urine and weight all looked good but she was concerned when looking at my sonograms that my placenta is sitting pretty low and semi covering my cervix. she said its nothing to be alarmed about just YET but would recheck at my next apt. it is a form of placenta previa http://www.babycenter.com/0_placenta-previa_830.bc this pretty much stresses me out!! the words bedrest, c-section and hemorrhaging really makes me scared!! 4 weeks can't come fast enough because i hope and pray it corrects its self! if anyone has any encouraging words, i would greatly appreciate them! i just want myself and baby to healthy! clint returned to work so back to being mommy and daddy! i sure hope with his masters that he can land in a position that gets us all in the same place (even if we have to more, we will be together!) being pregnant and without my husband has really been hard and even harder trying to be strong for a 3 year old. i can't imagine how mothers/wives do it when there husband is gone to war for months at a time. i am counting my blessings and trying to let pray push me through this difficult time. its funny how when clint lost his job for close to 7 months, it seemed like one of the hardest challanges but know that he has a successful job but gone alot it is a new kind of hard. life is always changing and new things are always being delt to us. i heard a quote last night on "Bethany Ever After" by the Self Magazine editor in cheif and it really stuck with me. she said "the true test of our characters are not how we are on our BEST days its how we are on our WORST days!" prayer goes a long way.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's official!!

First... Clint got to come home on Thursday and I couldn't be happier!! I also didn't tell Emma he was coming home because I didn't want anything to happen and her be disappointed so Clint drove straight in and meet us at dinner. She was in the worst mood but the minute she layed eyes on her daddy she was the happiest girl in the world!!

Other great news is that we got to get in for a sonogram on Friday morning and pleased to announce we are having a BOY!!

We took Emma to the Stockyards, BBQ with family on Friday, went to Clint's family on Saturday night and we also got to keep my BFF Kristy's 10day old babu for the evening while they went to a wedding. He was perfect and can't wait to meet my little man! Easter was great except for Emma's allergies making her grouchy but she was just happy to be in her daddy's arms (and me too! :)

It was just a great weekend and I am so blessed to have been with ALL of my family!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

20 week (1/2 way there!!)

Tomorrow I will be 20 weeks pregnant and feeling every bit of it! I am hurting everywhere and wishing my husband was home to make life a little easier (with chasing a 3 year old around). She is so busy and not much into taking naps these days EXCEPT for yesterday!! She woke up extra early, went to school, after school she talked her GG into taking her to the Cowgirl Museum (which is her new favorite place) but first they grabbed lunch. The weather wasn't looking so good so I check-in on them and as I knew they would be running around town! After the museum they proceeded to Braum's for some pink ice cream and on the way home 5:30pm she finally fail asleep. I met them at GG's and transfered her to my car and she hardly moved so instead of going to my parents for dinner I decided to go ahead and take her home. At that point I just took her from the car to bed and she sleep ALL night to 7am the next morning. This poor baby was SO tired!! In turn I had a bowl of ceral (Honey Nut Cherrios, my favorite) and called it a night at around 6:30pm, but I layed in bed till about 8:30pm and finally turned off the tv and lights. With all that sleep... I am still so tired today! I need a little pick me up to a make it the evening at my Woman's Club Meeting... sure hope I can stay awake!

Back to the fact that I am 20 weeks pregnant... I have had my emotional and hormonal melt downs (poor Clint). I am so ready for him to be home and since I am 20 weeks now my doctor will do the gender determination now but I have to wait until Clint can finally get home from work (boo!!) My apt is set for the 17th but looks like I might have to change it because he doesn't think the job will be finished (ugh :( but I am sure I'll live!