Thursday, February 2, 2012

BIG News comes with a BIG birthday (30th)!!

Our family is growing by TWO FEET!!!
Baby Stuck expected August 2012
We made this announcement at my 30th birthday party that my wonderful husband, mother and bff Joy and Amy hosted for me! It was a BLAST and got see so many of my favorite people! I am so blessed with all these people in life!!

Pregnancy... 11 weeks today and still not feeling so well. Sick in the morning and late at night. Also, my heart rate has been out of control and been getting sick on my long runs so my running is having to take a back seat for a while, which is ok to keep baby and myself safe (there are still plenty of things I can do to keep myself in shape). It has been great that Clint has been home a week tomorrow but looking like he will be leaving this weekend sometime so I am going to enjoy him while he is home! Next doctors apt February 20th so I'll keep you posted.