Monday, February 14, 2011

2nd Birthday and NYC Marathon Here I come!

Emma's 2nd Birthday went great! I was worried about the weather but it all turned out great!! I have attached a couple pictures from the day. Also, I am SO... excited to be telling ya'll this because it has been a long time goal/dream of mine to run a marathon in NYC. I am gonna do it this year!! I am planning to participate in the NYC Marathon on November 6, 2011. Also, with the large amount of people that want to participate in this race, it makes it extremely difficult to be picked from the lottery in April. With that said, I have decided to participate with the charity, Team for Kids. I have picked this charity because I was a child that struggled with being overweight and anything that I can do to make a difference in my child’s life or another is all worth it!!
No donation is too small so please take a look at my donation link below.
Thanks again for the support!