Thursday, January 26, 2012

FW Stock Show/The Big 30 and MORE!!

Emma has been at the Stock Show almost everyday since its come to town. I feel a pony named Marshmallow in our near future!!

I am very excited about this weekend because my wonderful husband and mom have planned a 30th birthday party for me. I am so excited because its a party that I didn't have to plan (the best kind!) ALL BESTIES will be here... Joy from CA and Tiff from Houston but Kristy will be at a romantic weekend with her hubby (one last vacation before her #2 arrives, so I'm excited for her and her preggo massage!)

Best present is that Clint will be home tomorrow and hopefully till Emma's bday too (Feb. 6th)!! I have missed him so much this time around but I think its because the last time I saw him was over 23 days ago (almost a month). I am so ready for our family to be home together more... but we will make it work until that time comes. Counting down the minutes!!! :)

The MORE is soon to come... :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hello Stranger.... Happy New Year!

It has been a very long time since I've posted because life has been so... busy!!
Let's start it off right... HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I sure hope we have some "HAPPY" instore for this NEW year because 2011 was a hard one!
Clint is working out of town for weeks on end with his new job (which is hard but a blessing that he has a job!)
Emma is growing up so fast, its scary!! She is adjusting to school and loving her teachers and friends at Reading Friends. I can't believe she will be 3 in a month! She is so bright and can't believe she was just a baby, seems like yesterday!

Christmas was in Angel Fire, NM this year and it was a BLAST! Best part Clint made it home so we could leave a day early and spend some family time alone. It was an Adventure but we made it! Emma learned how to ski and loved every second of it! She loved to play in the snow - making snow angels and making snow balls to throw at us! Dad and Clint cut down a tree (SHHH...) and mom, Rachel and I strange popcorn and cranberries on string and Emma made homemade clay ornanments that she painted and hung on the tree. It was our own little "Smokey Mountain Christmas" (old Dolly Pardon movie that I grew up watching. I even cooked Clint's favorite meal of the year "Grandma Stuck's Christmas Dinner" - Prime Rib Roast, Glazed Carrots, Green Beans, Homemade mashed potatoes, shrimp cocktail, rolls and I added homemade cranberry sauce that ROCKED!! I also found a little bakery that made an amazing Carmel Pecan Pie and is was GREAT!

Bad end to the year was... Cowboy our 13 year old black lab (our first baby)wasn't eating very well when we left to go out of town but our awesome neighbors keep a close eye on him. When we arrived home he was not looking good. We played outside with Emma and her new Barbie Jeep and normally he is all in the middle of it but I sat with him and he was just so weak. He wouldn't even eat his favorite milk bones, so I knew something was up. Later that night Clint checked on him and he was throwing up blood and early the next morning I checked on him and he wouldn't even get out of his dog house. As hard as it was/is I decided to make the choice to call the vet and schdule to take him IN. This was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do but I didn't want him to suffer/hurt. I think deep down I always thought it would happen "naturally" but that is life. Thank God Clint was still home so my mom meet us up at the vet and took Emma and she was having a hard time but when we look him inside she XOXO him and told him, "have fun in heaven Bubba!" :( she loved her Bubba so much and I just hope her heart heals quickly! I was at peace with our choice when we started to walk in the vet (which normally is a struggle because Cowboy never like the vets office) but he was calm and relaxed and I feel was ready (unlike us). We sat in a "comfort room" and I layed on the pallet on the floor with him and Dr. Bearden came in and explained what would happen but didnt make it any easier. It was quick and he looked peaceful... no more pain or cancer where he is now! "ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN!"

Emma still stops at the gate in the morning and says, "Buy Bubba, love you!" I have to still explain but I think she understands more everyday. Prayers for our family appreciated!

Let the GOODNEWS of the NEW YEAR begin!

(I will post pictures soon...)