Friday, March 1, 2013

the last 6 months... Lane's big day!

To rewind back to the week that Lane was born. I went to the doctor on Wednesday, August 22nd and I was 3cm and 90% effaced and having LOTS of contractions in the doctors office. She told me that we would induce on Monday but didn't think I would make it. Also, that evening I was playing and watering plants outside and my neighbor (she's a baby nurse) saw me and could tell that I was having contractions. At that point Clint still wasn't home from work (oilfield in Midland). She told me to have him come home tonight because she didn't think I would make it to tomorrow or Monday. I put Emma to bed and relaxed and the contractions went away. The next day I felt great... not much contractions and was pretty disappointed because I didn't want to be induced Monday but Clint would be home on Friday evening. I woke up on Friday morning at 2am and tried to get the contractions to go away by taking a shower, drinking water and relaxing. Also, since the week before was Clint's birthday we would celebrate when he got home so I baked and iced a cake (crazy, I know!!) Finally about 5:45am I called Clint and told him I was calling my mom to come get me and the neighbor to come stay with Emma because I thought it was TIME. He was working 6am-6pm so I figured he would be up. He was a good 5 hours away so he packed up and headed home. I got to the hospital about 7:04am and checked into Maternal Observations and they checked me and I was already 7cm so they sent me upstairs. In the mean time my mom called Clint and told him so he was FLYING to get here! After getting to the room the contractions kept getting worse and so they called for a epidural and called to the OR where my doctor was doing a C-Section. The nurse told her I was here and ready to have a baby! She told her she would come and break my water when she got done but the nurse stopped her and said NO we are still waiting on her husband to get here. She said OK, so get her a epidural to buy us some time! As she hung up the phone I told her... I think my water just broke! She checked me and said YEP it did!! At the point my mom got Clint on the phone because my contractions had gotten so close together, they were on top of each other. As the nurse called for the epidural again I told her I think I need to push! So she checked me and I was 10cm and I was GO TIME!! YES, that means this mama had no DRUGS and Clint didn't make his birth but he was on the phone for it all. Lane Cash Stuck entered this world on Friday, August 24th at 9:07am, 8lbs 8oz and 21.75" and yes that was less than 2 hours after I got to the hospital. It was a crazy morning but my mom was a AMAZING coach and I couldn't have done it without her.